An Ultimate Guide on Engagement Ring

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So, you decided to propose on your girlfriend and you need the most basic thing before a proposal – a ring. Now, before we start picking the ring that suites her and your budget, let me tell you first what an engagement ring is.


An engagement ring is a symbol of your commitment to marry your partner. It is worn before the marriage and even after the ritual. It is important to know this because your engagement ring should last a lifetime, that’s why practically, a diamond is most suitable for the occasion because it is the toughest and hardest gemstone.


When you pick a ring, you should know the type of gold band that you will use. There is 14 karats, 18 karats, 21 karats and so on. For everyday wear, 14 karat gold is the most appropriate because it is a strong gold alloy that is less prone to scratching or bending.

For the ‘color’ of the engagement ring band, you should always consider that an engagement ring should match your chosen wedding ring. So, if you choose a white gold band for the engagement ring, your wedding more or less would be in white gold as well.


The Yellow Gold Band is the classic design. It symbolizes wealth, abundance, and strong bonding. While the White Gold Band is a modern design, and it symbolizes a promise of everlasting love and purity of intention. The Rose Gold Band, on the other hand, is on trend. It symbolizes romance, passion, and endless affection for each other.


Now that you have an idea on your band, we go to the ring setting. The ring setting is the design on the engagement ring.

If you want a classic, then go for the Solitaire setting with one gemstone.


The two-stone design represents you and your loved one intertwined together.


Meanwhile, a three-stone design symbolizes your past, present, and future relationship with your loved one.


The Halo is the latest trend on engagement rings. It helps the center stone look bigger.


Should you put additional gemstones on the ring band? If you want an added twist, why not! And remember, more stones means more fun.


Aside from Diamond, you may also opt to add these gemstones for color and variety. Also, if you think Diamonds are passe, you may want to try other colored gemstones as your main stone. Princess Diana, for example, was given a blue sapphire with diamonds only on the side.


For your budget, you should spend at least a month’s worth of salary for your lady’s engagement ring. However, it really depends on your priority. Based on our records last year, guys spend at least P30,000 for the ring.



But don’t worry, if you put effort in finding the perfect ring for her, your effort will not be wasted. She will surely appreciate it, 100 percent.

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Jewellery Listing for May 2016

Here are our beautiful pieces for the month of Emeralds:

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Ninja Techniques in Cleaning your Precious Jewels

cleaning jewelry
Clean your jewellery using household items.

You need:

  • An old soft bristled toothbrush
  • Liquid soap
  • Paper towels / Soft Cloth free of lint
  • Lukewarm water
  • A bowl


  1. Put warm water in the bowl
  2. Soak the jewelry in lukewarm water for about five minutes.
  3. Remove the jewelry and set aside. Put liquid soap in the toothbrush.
  4. Gently brush the jewelries using the soft-bristled brush. REMINDER: Brush from outside and inside the jewelry pieces to cover all crevices. Do this separately per item.
  5. Rinse. Softly pat to dry the jewelry items using paper towels.

Do this at least once a month.

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